Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Day 27-Debonne Vineyards Razzberry Riesling for $9.99

The Debonne Winery in Cleveland had a lot of medium sweet, sweet, and ice wines and a port to taste. We bought an ice wine and a this bottle. This wine is a grape wine with natural raspberry flavor added and described as having a delicate raspberry aroma followed by fruity, lightly sweet raspberry and riesling flavors and a refreshing aftertaste. The winery suggests the wine be served slightly chilled with fruit custard type desserts and cheesecake. The label is very cool with a guitare on the front and a map on the back. The artwork is by cleveland artist Hector Vega. This wine was also sipped from the hottub and was good. It is medium sweet with a little aftertaste, you can tell it is not pure rasberry. It is a little more berry than your typical white zinfandel, but I would place it in the same category.

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