Saturday, February 7, 2009

Day 20-Grand Finale Rouge By the Village Vintner for $19.9953

I have had a cold and therefore have not drank any wine lately to blog. I may have come back to early because I still can't smell or taste very well. Therefore, I am going somewhat of my memory of when I tasted this wine at their shop in Carpentersville about a week ago. This is an red ice wine made with the Cabernet Franc grape. It is the only red ice wine I have ever tried. A couple who was also at the Village Vintner for the January tasting described this wine as a flavored sugar cube. This is an ice wine. It has a higher alcohol content of around 18% and has a thicker consistency than non-ice wines. I find this ice wine to taste wonderful, yes it is very sweet, however it does not have that overdone sweetness that makes me feel like I need to brushe my teeth afterward. The fruit flavors of rapberry and cherry come through on this wine which makes it a perfect wine for dessert or with dessert. This wine comes in the half bottle which makes it about a 2 large glasses which is all you probably need in one evening of this type of wine. I served this wine chilled, however, I think the wine would be too much at room temperature. A beautiful wine to celebrate with over Valentine's Day.

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  1. Ice wines are probably my second favorite after the Muscato D'Asti's. Yes, like I said I am a huge huge fan of sweet wines, (and my blood sugar being higher than hoped probably keeps me from drinking even more of these). Anyway I think that the red ice wine is indeed a different from the ice wines I've had in the past. I guess it actually doesn't say it's an actual ice wine so maybe thats why it was only 20 bucks a bottle versus the usual 40-80 dollars a bottle. I think its really good.