Sunday, February 1, 2009

Day 17-Moscato Di Asti by 1917 Il Conte D'Alba for $15 at WineStyles formerly in Des Plaines

This wine comes the village Santo Stefano Belbo in the Piedmont region of Italy. This moscato di asti is described by the vintner as a refreshing white wine that pairs well with fruits and cheeses. I find this wine to be too sweet to be refreshing. Like all moscato di asti's it is sparkling with a pale yellow color with a sweet, fruity smell of oranges and peaches. I would serve this wine very chilled, because as this wine goes to room temperature, it becomes way too sweet and almost thicker tasting. I will be leaving the majority of this wine for my better half since he loves moscato di asti's, and I find them too sweet. This wine is 5.5% alcohol which is typical of this type of wine. I think this wine could replace desssert versus serving along with dessert, and the cheeses would need to be very strong since I find this wine overpowering in its sweetness.
Today is Superbowl Sunday and we are cheering for the Steelers with wine which I will blog as we open each bottle in order to keep up the pace of 365 wine in 365 days, because sometimes on Monday or a Tuesday, you just don't feel like a drink, thank god this doesn't happen very often because I would have to drink like 3 bottles a night on the weekends, which unless you have help or a party, is a feat that ends up wtih a serious hangover. This wine was obvioulsy opened for my better half, he has already let me know that I had my one glass for the blog and the rest is for him. My friends Amy and Keith, both who do not drink unless it has an umbrella in the glass, like Moscato di Asti for it's sweetness and it's similar juice properties.

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  1. Hey, what are you callin juice? Well, OK, maybe it is, (but it's really good juice). My lovely lady is struggling to keep up the pace as she has that cold thats been going around. Yes, the Muscato D'Asti's are my favorite as I've said before, (sorocco is best), but this is a very good one. Its clean and smooth with a wonderful nose, (some of the D'Asti's don't have much of an aroma). There are slightly better Muscato D'Asti's out there and slightly cheaper ones, but I certainly can't fault this one. Cheers!