Thursday, February 19, 2009

Day 25 -August Hill's Augie's Blackberry at $16.95 for a 375ml/ half bottle

This wine came as part of the two wines that came in the sweet wines of the month club for January 2009. This is described as a port style dessert wine. This wine is pure blackberry. It is a fruit wine and it is tart. It makes your mouth water and the half bottle is plenty for me. I prefer this wine with chocolate to cut some of the tartness. If you like blackberries, you may like this wine, however it is in a port style and is 18% alcohol so it has some kick. I am drinking the wine with a chocolate in my mouth to cut some of the tartness. I think you could add a spritzer, such as seltzer, to cut some of the tartness and overwhelming fruitiness. The wine is a dark purple and stains the glass a pink color, I don't know how that relates to wine, but I do find that most red wines do not do this, so it is just an fyi. This wine is best served in small doses with chocolate for dessert, I definitely could not drink more than a glass of this wine without having my entire mouth turning purple and be in the permanent pucker face. Each with chocolate and this wine in small doses makes a nice closing to a romantic evening.

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