Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Day 19-Soft Rose' Wine by Oliver Winery on clearance at Jewel for $6.00

Well, the hangover from the Superbowl has worn off and thankfully for me and the mental health of my significant other the Steelers won. However, I did not feel like drinking the day after Superbowl and so I will need to catch up for an extra day to meet the goal of 365 sweet wines in 365 days.
The Oliver Winery is renowned for the beautiful grounds of the winery and its Mead which is honey based wine. I have tried the Mead and it is very different than any other wine I have ever tried and required cheese to drink. I plan on visiting the Oliver Winery since it is so well known and has numerous sweet wines. This soft rose is made from catawba grapes which generally make a sweet wine and, in fact, I just recently bought a catawba wine that is significantly sweeter than this wine. This wine is definitely semi-sweet with some tartness and overall fruity finish with the flavors of strawberry. My better half thinks this is a blend, but the only grape described in this wine is the catawba. I believe this wine was made with the desire to bring in the white zinfandel wine drinker to try a grape native to america. The wine has a beautiful color and is best chilled and would make a very good summer wine and would pair well with cheese, fruit, and chocolate.

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  1. Sorry, I wasn't a fan of this one. It's probably the worst Catawba i've had and thats part of the reason why I think this one must be a blend. Theres certainly a flavor in this wine that I can't identify. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't pour it out or anything, it's just not a good Catawba to me. The 6 dollar price tag made it worth the money at least!