Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Day 26- Red Velvet by Virant Family Winery near Lake Erie for $8.00

My better half and I got engaged on 2/21/09 and celebrated our engagement by going to Geneva on the Lake about 45 miles outside of Cleveland where there are about 22 wineries within 40 miles. The Virant Family Winery, which is run by Charlie, was one of our stops on our wine trip. Charlie was actually bottling when we got there and we needed to stomp on the floor for him to do the wine tasting. The Red Velvet is there most award winning wine and it is a concord blend. Charlie was very secretive about his wines and wouldn't tell us which grapes made up the blend, but maybe I just don't realize how cutthroat it is in the winery business. The wine is described as a medium sweet red wine that has a vineyard fresh aroma and grape flavor with a smooth finish. We drank the bottle of this while relaxing in the hot tub at the hotel. It is very grapey like a concord typically is and smooth without that overboard sweetness. All the wines at this winery were reasonably priced with none of the sweet to med sweet wines being over $15.00. His blackberry wine was sold out he let us try it, and if ohio was able to ship to illinois I would order that wine on line and have it shipped.

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