Friday, April 30, 2010

Apple Wine-Prairie State Winery in Illinois for around $10

I love Apple wines. I love the sparkling Apple Wine at Galena Cellars, I like apple cider, apple juice, and this is a great example of why I love Apple wine. The Apple wine has been sold out at Lynfred for months, and this is the second apple wine that I have tried in the last few days. This wine tastes like liquid apple pie, we drank this entire bottle while playing Trivia Pursuit. This wine is golden yellow, sweeter than the apple wines by Lynfred and Vetro winery but not cloyingly sweet by any means. If we did not have so much wine around the house, I would buy a lot more bottles of this wine, but I am not buying wine for the month of May due to the enormous amount of wine bought in April. This wine goes great on a beautiful summer picnic or barbeque, very versatile, ideal with cheese or on its own.

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