Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines Day Tastings from Lynfred and the Patis/Graham household

The Lynfred Winery's Chocolate and Wine Pairing was on Thursday before February 14th.

1. Reserve Semillion wtih dark chocolate carmel dusted with salt-the best pairing
2. Sparkling Berry with cayenne/cinnamon truffle-the worst pairing
3. Cabernet Reserve 1999 with white chocolate carrot cake truffle-ok
4. Fresavino Strawberry Port with the raspberry truffle-ok
5. Merlot 2006 with Merlot walnut carmel-good
6. Carbernet Shiraz 2004 with currant truffle-very good
7. Late Harvest Riesling-bananas foster truffle-ok
8. Ice Wine 2002-Chai Tea truffle-ok

Graham/Patis Chocolate and Wine Pairing on Valentine's Day
1. Sparkling Shiraz-currant truffle-ok
2. Dry Italian Blend by Elise winery-raspberry truffle-not good, truffle not sweet enough, with carmel cream-not good together,
3. White Zinfandel-bananas foster truffle-good with the orange cream chocolate-the best pairing
4. Bluemoon- straight chocolate-not good-cherry cordial chocolate-better
5. Port-chai tea truffle-very good
6. Red Ice Wine -cayenne/cinnamon truffle-not good, the truffle is just way too spicy

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  1. Greetings from Lynfred! It was nice to see you at the Chocolate pairing on Thursday! Hope you had a grape time!

    - Christina at Lynfred