Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Twin Fin 2007 Merlot at Jewel for $5.00

This wine is a very good bottle of red wine for $5.00. I paired this wine with pizza, smoked gouda, garlic cheese, and spinach dip and it faired pretty well. Jewel must not be selling this wine anymore because all the various varietals were on clearance for Twin Fin, I have blogged on the Cabernet Sauvignon earlier. I found this wine to have some tannin, but not too much where you could not have a sip on its own. It has some cherry and smokier flavors, but overall just a very average Merlot at a very good price. I am not a huge fan of Merlot, so I probably don't do this wine justice, but I would not buy it again unless it was at this price.

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