Monday, February 22, 2010

Mardi Gras at August Hill Winery for about $17

We picked up this Sparkling Pink Catawba wine during the Winter Wine Walk in Utica, Illinois. If you like Catawba wine, you will definitely like this wine. This festive pink bubbly is sweet, but not as sweet as the straight Catawba wine. I really like this wine and at 9% alcohol, I could have more than a glass or two. My better half thought the sparkling Catawba was better than the straight Catawba, and I find the straight Catawba too sweet to drink too much at one time. I would definitely buy this wine again, it is just pricey to buy a lot of at one time. I was a club member at one time and even at 20% discount the case is well over $150 dollars which is just too much for us at this time.

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  1. I'm so glad that you enjoyed our Mardi Gras bubbly!! Be sure to try it with something spicy, cajun preferably. It's spectacular!

    August Hill Winery