Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Leelanau Cellars of Northern Michigan Winter White for around $10 at Meijers

This wine was very good. This wine is semi-sweet with pineapple and pear flavors. This wine was great on its own, with very little acidity. I found this wine a little heavy with some legs, not a light wine. It is called a winter white, but this wine can definitely be drank year around. I truly enjoyed this wine and would buy this wine again. I wonder if this winery has other similar type wines and will do some research on this in the future.


  1. Leelanau Cellars has many more wines including other semi sweet whites. They also have a variety of red, fruit and other seasonal varieties. Some of the others are also available at Meijers and other wine retailers or you can contact the tasting room at 231.386.5201 x 2 for a full listing. The web site ( is being updated but does have many of the wines listed.