Monday, February 8, 2010

Lynfred's Black Raspberry fruit wine for $10 in the fruit wine club at Lynfred

I was totally excited about this wine when the lady at Lynfred said that the Black Raspberry is the new fruit wine that came out and I bought 2 bottles. This wine is thick with some legs. I was expecting a sweet fruit wine, and this wine is not sweet, it is tart. Not extremely tart but more tart than sweet. The wine tastes like black fruits more than raspberry to me. I love Lynfred's Red Raspberry wine and think it is a great dessert wine. This wine I think would benefit from a spritz, and if you open the bottle I recommend drinking it that day. This wine does not keep well even after pumping because the wine had the faint smell of vinegar and aftertaste of vinegar. This wine overpowers white chocolate and would probably best paired with dark chocolate.

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