Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Day 157 -2008 Chateay Marqui Corteaux Varois en Provence for $3.99 at Binnys

Binny's is having a huge sale this month on rose' wines. This wine was almost 50% off so I picked it up. Generally, I do not like french wines because they tend to be drier and have earthier smells and tastes and are not generally described as fruity. The vintner describes this wine as a "delicate mix of white flowers, woodland berries and classic garrique scents." This wine has some scent of fruit, strawberries and peaches, and is a pale peach/pink color. However, this wine was very dry. It was very acidic also, which means my better half would not drink this wine. Therefore I am blogging with a headache because I finished off the wine myself, versus keep it around for another day. Generally speaking, I really like Rose', generally they are very light, crisp, and fruity. This wine is too acidic and too dry for me. Similar to a Sauvignon Blanc this wine has that type of acidity and that type of mineral flavor with only a hint of some berries. I should have known better then to buy a french wine, there is a reason it was so cheap. I would definitely not buy this wine again, and I would not reccomend it to a friend either.

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