Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Day 150-American Rose' by Lynfred Winery for $10.89 for wine club mbrs

This wine was the first wine I served to a guest at our new home we just moved into on Sept. 2. The guest was my sister and she enjoyed the wine as much as I did. This wine went great with the taco dip she brought over and was great alone. It is very fruit forward with very little acidity. The wine is not sweet and it is not dry, however I do not know if I would consider it off-dry. It has flavors of strawberry with a pretty pinkish, red hue that made it a great summer wine which we polished off while setting up the grill. I would definitely buy this wine again, but as summer comes to a close, I may hold off until spring.


  1. Have you done any wineries from Iowa?? There have some great wines too!! Tassel Ridge Winery does an excellent job!! So does Fireside & Snus Hill Winery.

  2. Yes, we visited the town of Amana in Iowa and tried some of their fruit wines. The had a cluster of wineries in this cute town, and I think I blogged on them during the month of May or April.