Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Day 152-Melon Delight for $13.99 by the Village Vintner in Carpentersville, Il

We, my better half and I, have been members of the fruit/sweet wine club of the Village Vintner since October 2008 and this is the first time we tried this fruit wine in the wine tasting of the month. We loved this fruit wine. We were shocked that this fruit wine was blended with Pinot Grigio because we both dislike Pinot Grigio. The vintner states that the wine is Pinot Grigio, but generally in blending the wine does not really matter it could have been any white wine. The wine is describes as having honeydew, watermelon, and kiwi fruit flavors. The wine smells of honeydew and melon, and it reminds you of sunshine and summer. We drank this wine on Labor Day which turned out to be a beautiful warm, sunny day. This wine is great alone, I would not pair it with food, just horseshoes, rocking chairs, friends and families. This wine is so smooth, not to sweet or tart, just perfect. If you like melons, and fruity wines you would definitely like this wine.

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