Monday, September 14, 2009

Day 156-Cracklin Apple for $10.50 by Galena Wine Cellars of Geneva, Il

I have tasted at this winery before, and they have numerous good wines, however they give such small tasters and they only allow 6. This wine tastes like sparkling apple cider. I loved this wine and drank probably 75% of the bottle. My better half does not like apple cider and therefore just thought this wine was ok. This wine is described as biting into a crisp apple and I would describe it as a light, crisp, carbonation infused apple cider/juice. This is a great summer wine, so light and refreshing, just a tad tart which is why someone would think the wine tasted more like cider than juice. Apples signal Fall, and Lynfred also makes a great Apple wine which I like a lot also. However, this is wine is more a late summer wine and for a fall barbecue when it is still warm outside. If I had nothing but money, I would keep this wine on stock year around, because I really like apples and can't think of an occasion I would not want to drink this wine.

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