Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Strawberry wine for around $11 by the Vetro winery in Concord, Wi

We went to Cedarburg, Wi for 2 days and drove to next nearest winery in Concord-I am not kidding, WI to check out some more wines since we were out that way. This winery is very quaint, and very cute. The owner did the wine tastings and let you try the entire menu for free-donations for her grandson were appreciated. The wines were around $10-$12, and she had majority fruit wines. Her fruit wines have a reported 9lbs of fruit per bottle, which is 2x what I have heard from Cooperhawk and Lynfred wineries. In addition, her fruit wines are not sweet, they are generally semi-sweet to dry. The blueberry which we did not purchase, was a dry wine. This Strawberry wine, which smells and tastes of pure strawberries is semi-sweet. The wine was not sweet enought for white chocolate to pair with it, and honestly I liked it best on its own. I think it would pair nice with a Caesar salad, or some other type of fruity salad, but stay away from dessert with this wine, the wine is just not sweet enought for a dessert.

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