Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Kishwaukee Blue Spakling wine for around $12 from Prairie State Winery

The Kishwaukee Blue wine was combine with a sparkling stone to add some effervescence to their most popular seller. I love sparkling wine, and I really like the Kishwaukee Blue wine so we were like what the heck. The wine tastes just like the Kishwaukee Blue with a little fizz. The wine is semi-sweet, very light, refreshing, and just a perfect summer wine. I could drink this wine all the time, only the wine drinkers who hate sweetness to the utmost would find fault with this wine. This wine has great fruit flavors orange, peach, without the acidity to give you the need to grab a glass of water. I could drink this wine all the time, year around, and if I make it to the wine festival in September I will buy some more of this wine.

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