Wednesday, March 17, 2010

2008 Gewertz-I am abbreviating because I have misspelled it previously of the LuLu Winery in Vancouver, Canada for around $18

My boyfriend picked this wine up while he was in Vancouver for work over the Winter Olympics. I found it to be ok, I am not a huge fan of the lychee flavor of the Gewertz. I found the wine to be very smooth without the acidity I generally relate to a Gewertz, and my better half really enjoyed the wine. I thought this would pair well with spicy food and was ok on its own with its fruit and lychee flavors. Also, this wine did not have the spiciness I also associate with a Gewertz. At this price, the wine would have to needed to be exceptional, but if you like Gewertz I believe you would like this wine.

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