Monday, March 22, 2010

2006 Chateau Suau Sauternes for $20 at Costco

For our love of sweet wines, you would think that we would have tried a Sauternes before now, but generally they are really pricey and I am not a big fan of French wines. However, a full bottle versus the half bottle of a sweet wine for $20 is a good price all around and so we picked it up with some reservations. This wine is totally smooth with flavors of apricot and honey. The wine could have probably aged longer, but our curiosity won out, and we were not disappointed. The wine is golden in color with some legs, but is not sickenly sweet as people may think about Sauternes. I would definitely buy this wine again it is a fantastic desser wine that would go great with flan or any type of custard dish. Of course, on its own it was a joy also.

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